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Chief Follower

Chief Follower mobile web application to ascertain and display the Chief direction(s) dynamically at any point in time down to every 2 hours using the phone's built-in compass. This application is inspired by people who need to take urgent actions and when time is a constraint in selecting an auspicious date to execute. Read More

Special Benefit
myGoodFacing+ mobile Web Application is an essential HomeBuyer tool to assess the Feng Shui quality of a home, and ascertain whether it is receiving the life energies or Qi needed to help you in achieving positive results in various areas of life with your Personal Details. Read More

Benefits at a Glance
  • Assess the Feng Shui quality of your Home.
  • Ascertain your Personal Favourable Directions to refine your Home Analysis.
  • Compute Your Personal Favourable Floor Levels
  • Reveal good Mountain-Water directional locations

Chief Follower analyzer is at an introductory annual subscription of S$9.80 and you will also be granted an annual access to myGoodFacing+ analyzer (worth S$9.80) for Free!

* for a limited time only *
Note: The annual subscription will commence only upon the delivery of the analyzers due to release very soon.
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