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Activating Ancient Wisdom for Wealth and Abundance

NewPropertyStory is to share the study of Metaphysics to improve People Quality of Life in an easy and practical approach with Case Studies, Blog Stories, Workshops and Consultation Services, as well as promoting new launch properties with good Feng Shui quality.

Consulting Services with Metaphysics


New Case Study
A Kent Ridge Hill Residences Story
A Kent Hill Hill Residences Story
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New Blog Article
New Blog Article
The Power of Mountain and Water for Wealth
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Practical Feng Shui Bootcamp for Property Buyers
Practical Feng Shui for Property Buyers Bootcamp
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New Launch Update
One Pearl Bank
One Pearl Bank
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About Martin
Martin began his Journey of Metaphysics with the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics since 2006 on Classical Feng Shui, Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) and Bazi related studies, and has also followed teachings from various Masters in their Expert Domain. This serves as a gateway to open out a whole new horizon in Chinese Metaphysics studies and experiences. Since then he has been practicing and is passionate about sharing the wealth of knowledge found in these studies, and has conducted numerous workshops relating to this science.

As a self motivated learner, he is always empowered in upgrading one's knowledge and life experiences in Chinese Metaphysics Studies and Numerology through continuous effort in researching and numerous consultation engagements over the years.

Aside from his Metaphysics endeavours, Martin has an Engineering Degree with a background in a wide variety of Management Information Systems in Balanced Scorecard Solution, Management Cockpits, Output Management and IT Application Consultancy for a multinational company.

New Launches
Connecting Value Properties to People
with Chinese Metaphysics

As a Real Estate Salesperson and with a passion in Metaphysics, Martin hopes to add more values to his clients by assisting them to ascertain for a good-valued investment and their Choice Homes, as well as a conducive living space that enjoys good Feng Shui, supporting one's endeavours in life.
Other New Developments

Contacting Me
If you are interested in any of my consultation services, you can reach me for more information with the following contacting details:

Mobile: +65-9823 1354

Consultation Hours:
Monday – Friday: 10am – 6pm.
Saturday: 10am – 4pm.
Sunday & PH: Closed

*Note: I do not pick up calls that are displayed as “Private Number” or "No Caller ID" owing to spam calls concern.
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